What is an Alternative Governance Board (AGB)?

Schools in Year 4 of Program Improvement are required to develop a plan for "major reorganization of a school, making fundamental reforms, such as significant changes in the school’s staffing and governance." * If a school enters Year 5 of PI, it is required to implement that plan. The AGB’s responsibility is to monitor implementation of corrective action and restructuring plans as prescribed by Federal regulations. The AGB may also work with the District in planning the major restructuring initiative. The AGB is a subcommittee of the District Governing Board. Governance of the school is shared between the Governing Board and the AGB, in collaboration with district and site staff. The AGB is established to monitor and direct the implementation of the school’s major restructuring efforts written into its site plan. Regular reporting and presentation of data to staff and the local Governing Board is a key AGB responsibility.

* NCLB LEA and School Improvement, Non-Regulatory Guidance, January, 2004.

Why Would a District Choose an Alternative Governance Board?

  • AGB is a subcommittee of the Governing Board; the District retains local control.
  • AGB guides the strategic school plan and holds the school accountable. 
  • AGB creates consistency and focus that is driven by the LEA plan. 
  • AGB fosters collaboration and honors the experience and knowledge of district and site staffs. 
  • AGB Board Members:

Superintendent-Rodney Wallace
Principal-Rosalie Jimenez
Teacher-Tery Schantzen
KCSOS Representative-Teresa Lopez
Parent Representative -Mr. and Mrs. Hallmark